Fabrício De Nadai

Training food engineer and great business manager since the beginning of my career, I believe in the growth and constant improvement of people, and this is a premise for the development of my knowledge and, therefore, I chose to understand about all the areas of my company to ultimately be ahead of the business.


New Year Message

2018 was a great year, as we grew in a sustainable way, retaining a large part of our customer base and meeting our business goals by closing new and important contracts.

Our focus on people is continuous and this translates into the implementation of important projects such as our Compliance Program, where we train 100% of our employee base in ethical business practices.

Another 2018 project we were proud of was the second edition of our "Chef é Você" cultural contest that, with the theme of sustainability, involved several areas of the company and received 105 recipes from our collaborators. That is, without a doubt, a great success.

And, to end the year with a sense of accomplishment and a lot of positive energy, we received great news: we are among the Best Companies to Work with at a rate of 93% pride in our employees working in our company.

Finally, we thank all our employees for their dedication and all our customers for the partnership, with the certainty that 2019 will be a year full of challenges and solid growth.

Happy New Year!

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by Fabrício De Nadai

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